Starting January 17, 2006, Saab will begin to transition its finance and lease customers from SFSC to GMAC. If you financed or leased your Saab vehicle through your dealer and SFSC prior to January 17, 2006, you can still access your account online. Just click here.

If you're interested in leasing or financing your new Saab, GMAC offers its customers a wide variety of financing plans through Saab dealers, not to mention a commitment to customer service tailored to your needs. To learn more, please see below.

You've Got Choices
Thinking about a new Saab vehicle? Good thinking. Looking for an affordable and convenient way to put yourself in the driver's seat? Smart move. GMAC and your Saab dealer have a solution for you.

GMAC Financial Services makes a wide variety of financing plans available to consumers through franchised Saab dealers. Your dealer/retailer and GMAC can provide several ways to get a Saab vehicle in your life. From traditional financing, to SmartLease, and SmartBuy, GMAC and your dealer/retailer can make the vehicle acquisition process for qualified customers fast and easy, keeping the payment within your budget.

Vehicle Financing
You make a down payment in the form of cash or a trade-in, then pay GMAC the balance, plus finance charges, over an agreed-upon number of months.

Vehicle Leasing
SmartLease allows you to pay for the portion of the vehicle you expect to use during the contract period, plus a rent charge, taxes and fees.

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SmartBuy is a purchase transaction - you own the vehicle, but enjoy many of the benefits of a lease with low monthly payments and a final balloon payment. A smart way to buy from GMAC!

Service & Maintenance Contracts
GM Protection Plan vehicle service contracts provide protection against unexpected vehicle repair costs.

Roadside Assistance
GM Motor Club is a member-based operation that provides 24 hour roadside emergency services to Saab and non- Saab vehicle owners.

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